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Discover the epitome of luxury hospitality with Trans Inns Management, a distinguished leader in the industry for over 40 years. With a portfolio boasting renowned brands such as Marriott, Hilton, and Starwood, Trans Inns is celebrated for its unwavering commitment to excellence, impeccable service, and unparalleled guest experiences.

Evolved from this legacy, VOS Hospitality emerges as a beacon of refined sophistication. Spearheaded by seasoned hospitality professionals Daniel and James Vosotas, VOS Hospitality, an extension of the Trans Inns family, is synonymous with "Vision of Style."

VOS Hospitality transcends mere luxury; it embodies the art of curation, crafting exceptional moments that linger long after the stay. Each boutique hotel within its collection possesses a distinct narrative, from the coastal allure of "the Greystone" in Miami Beach to the artistic ambiance of "the David Whitney" in Detroit’s bustling downtown.

In collaboration with Trans Inns Management, VOS Hospitality redefines the standard of boutique hospitality, garnering acclaim from industry experts, luminaries, and discerning travelers worldwide. These exquisite properties stand as testaments to VOS Hospitality's dedication to elevating the guest experience to unprecedented heights.

At VOS Hospitality, we believe that true luxury lies in the details. With passion as our compass and style as our guide, we transform every stay into an unforgettable journey—a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence. Welcome to a world where dreams take shape, and every moment is an extraordinary discovery. Welcome to VOS Hospitality.

Their first venture with VOS Hospitality was an enchanting, century-old office building. The David Whitney Building nestled at the epicenter of the rebirth of downtown Detroit.. 


Completed in 1915, the 19-story building was the skyscraper of its time, representing a symbol of classic American strength and beauty. Built in homage to the great lumber and shipping magnate David Whitney Jr., the building was designed by the legendary architectural firm Daniel H. Burnham & Co.  VOS restored the 20th-century office building with interiors clad in marble, blending modern luxury with timeless elegance at a cost of over $100 million.


The Whitney offered an intimate escape from the city's hustle and bustles and sweeping views of the Detroit landscape, the conversion was a dream come true for travelers seeking a luxurious escape. VOS Hospitality transformed the office building into a lifestyle boutique hotel and luxury apartments. Every room was meticulously designed, blending modern comfort with historic charm. Michelin-starred chefs were brought in to create culinary masterpieces from locally sourced ingredients, and the cellars were stocked with rare and exquisite wines.

The hotel was a resounding success, earning accolades from travel magazines, celebrities, and discerning travelers from around the world. The hotel became the flagship property of VOS Hospitality, setting the standard for their collection of boutique hotels.


Over the years, VOS Hospitality continued to expand its portfolio, always seeking out properties that told a unique story and offered experiences that were nothing short of magical..

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Nestled amidst the vibrant energy and dazzling beaches of South Beach, Miami, there stood a hidden gem of the hospitality world—a high-end lifestyle boutique hotel known as “Hotel Greystone.” The Greystone was not just a place to stay; it was an experience, and behind it was the visionary lifestyle boutique hotel management company, VOS Hospitality.

The hotel was an architectural masterpiece, its sleek, modern design blending seamlessly with the art deco heritage of South Beach. With only 93 rooms, each one exquisitely designed and adorned with original artworks, VOS ensured that the historic elements remained for an intimate and personalized experience for its guests.


Built in 1939, Hotel Greystone is one of architect Henry Hohauser's iconic contributions to Collins Avenue. Its place in the Deco tradition of Miami Beach is unmistakable, from its ziggurat roofline, rounded corner with “eyebrows” and porthole windows.

The hotel's pièce de résistance was its rooftop pool overlooking ocean drive and it seemed to spill into the endless expanse of the Atlantic Ocean. It was the perfect spot to witness Miami's famed sunsets, and guests often found themselves lost in the captivating hues of the horizon.

James had a deep appreciation for gastronomy, and he recruited a renowned chef to helm the hotel's restaurant, “Serevene." Overlooking the Collins Avenue, Serevene was a culinary haven, where guests could savor the flavors of Miami's diverse cuisine with a modern twist. Locally sourced ingredients, creative cocktails, and an extensive wine list created an unforgettable dining experience.

Word of VOS's unparalleled hospitality and hotel of escapes' commitment to creating extraordinary moments spread far and wide. Soon, the hotel was hosting celebrities, jetsetters, and discerning travelers from around the world.

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